Unlocking Success: Oxford ELLT’s Exciting Partnership with TCYonline 

We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership that promises to open doors to success for our students and valued agents. We’ve joined forces with TCYonline, a world-renowned training provider, to bring you a suite of unparalleled preparation materials for the Oxford English Language Learning Test, Oxford ELLT.   About TCYonline  TCYonline stands as a beacon of […]

Oxford ELLT: Empowering Students with Digital Innovation 

At Oxford International Digital Institute, we’re committed to delivering quality education empowered by digital innovation. Our flagship English Language Level Test, the Oxford ELLT, has earned international recognition and become a ‘Highly Commended’ finalist for “Digital Innovation of the Year – Credential and Assessment” Award at the prestigious ‘PIEoneer Awards 2023’.  What is Oxford ELLT?  […]

The University of Portsmouth Recognises Oxford ELLT as Proof of English Proficiency 

We are delighted to share that the University of Portsmouth has officially recognised Oxford ELLT as an acceptable form of proof of English language proficiency when applying for admission. This recognition reinforces our dedication to offering a dependable and globally accepted language evaluation tool.   The University of Portsmouth has a reputation for excellence in academics […]

The University of Reading Partners with OI Digital Institute to Enhance International Student Access  

The University of Reading has partnered with OI Digital Institute to enhance international student access to the University. Starting this academic year, the University of Reading accepts the online English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as valid proof of English language proficiency.  The University of Reading, known for its academic excellence and global reputation, consistently ranks […]

The University of Bristol partners with OI Digital Institute 

The University of Bristol has partnered with OI Digital Institute to increase international student access to their university. Starting from the current academic year, the University of Bristol accepts the online English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as proof of English language proficiency.   As leading research university and Russell Group member, the University of Bristol is a […]

Ecctis’ CEFR Referencing of the Oxford ELLT  

We are pleased to announce that the Oxford ELLT (English Language Level Test) has been independently reviewed by Ecctis’, a globally respected provider of solutions and services in international education, training, and skills.    The review covered grading, certification, marking, and moderation, and found that the Oxford ELLT provides “a sound assessment of English language competency in listening, […]

VFS Global partnership with Oxford ELLT Global

Recently Oxford International Digital Institute expanded our English language testing portfolio by introducing the Oxford ELLT Global. Today, we are excited to announce we have partnered with VFS Global to deliver the Oxford ELLT Global to students in their home countries. Initially launched with three test centre locations in the UK, our partnership with VFS […]

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