Prepare for the Oxford ELLT with TCY Online

Oxford ELLT partners with TCYonline to provide students and counsellors with a range of interactive test preparation and coaching materials.  

Students – prepare for your Oxford ELLT test with comprehensive practice materials and mock tests, gain insight and confidence before you take your test. 

Counsellors – train your students for success in the Oxford ELLT with a range of coaching and teaching materials. Gain access to easy-to-follow expert guidance, lesson materials and practical exercises that help you prepare your students to take the Oxford ELLT. 

Why Oxford ELLT Preparation with TCYonline? ​

Fully online training materials

Online materials available on any device

Expert guidance ​

Materials developed by Oxford ELLT experts and trainers ​

Individual component preparation ​

Comprehensive materials for each test component ​

Interactive platform ​

Learn through fully interactive education portal​

Mock tests ​

Sample tests and mock tests ​

Multiple subscription levels ​

Various levels of access ​


Affordable pricing for students and counsellors ​

Oxford ELLT accredited​

Approved by Oxford ELLT as a training provider ​

Package Details Availability

Simulated Mock Tests 5 5
Reading Module-wise Tests 5 10
Listening Module-wise Tests 5 10
Writing Module-wise Tests 5 10
Speaking Module-wise Tests 5 10
Audio/Video Lecture PPTs

About TCYonline

TCYonline is a world leader in assessment preparation and training. TCY trains students, counsellors and coaches worldwide in preparing candidates to take internationally recognised assessments. For over 25 years TCY has combined teaching expertise and academic excellence to deliver personalised training by utilising the latest technology and teaching pedagogy to equip students with the materials, knowledge and confidence to take their assessments. 

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