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Prof. John Fowler
Prof. John FowlerCourse Director, Coventry University
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"As the academic lead, I can say it was an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional and committed group of people – they believe in student-centred and educationally led solutions. The online mode was operationalised as a tool to support our focus on high-quality programmes and relevant outcomes – not held up as a panacea that would magically solve all problems. "
Guillaume Richard
Guillaume RichardDirector of Recruitment and International Development, University of Roehampton
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"Looking back at our September 2020 intake, I do not doubt that implementing the right online English language test quickly, has contributed to the University’s successful international growth. The pass rate was excellent, and the OI Digital Institute team worked with us to make every part of the process efficient. The communication with prospective students was excellent, and information such as bookings and results were promptly shared with the University."

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