Unlocking Success: Oxford ELLT’s Exciting Partnership with TCYonline 

We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership that promises to open doors to success for our students and valued agents. We’ve joined forces with TCYonline, a world-renowned training provider, to bring you a suite of unparalleled preparation materials for the Oxford English Language Learning Test, Oxford ELLT

About TCYonline 

TCYonline stands as a beacon of excellence in assessment preparation and training. With over 25 years of expertise, they have successfully trained students, counsellors, and coaches worldwide in preparing candidates for internationally recognised assessments. Their unique blend of teaching expertise, academic excellence, and cutting-edge technology has equipped countless students with the materials, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their assessments. 

Benefits for Agents/Counsellors 

Our partnership with TCYonline empowers agents and counsellors like never before. Counsellors gain access to a comprehensive array of training and teaching materials designed to help their students excel in each component of the Oxford ELLT. With easy-to-follow expert guides and teaching materials, they can provide tailored support, ensuring their students reach their full potential. Moreover, we offer multiple subscription levels, providing flexibility and choice for counsellors and students.  

Benefits for Students 

For students, this partnership unlocks access to in-depth academic preparation and practice materials that equip them with the knowledge, practice, and confidence needed to excel in the Oxford ELLT. Whether it’s mock tests or fully online preparation materials, these resources allow students to sharpen their language skills specifically for the Oxford ELLT.  

The expert preparation materials provide valuable insights and practice, ensuring students perform at their best. 

Lil Bremermann-Richard, Group Chief Executive Officer of Oxford International, expresses her excitement: “Oxford International is thrilled to partner with TCYonline, a company that shares our values and passion for providing students worldwide with incredible educational experiences. This partnership equips our counsellor network and students with the tools to reach their full potential and gain access to higher education abroad.” 

Mukta Gogia, Vice President of TCYonline, reaffirms their commitment: “As we mark another pivotal chapter in TCYonline’s journey, our collaboration with Oxford ELLT stands as a testament to our dedication and leadership. Partnering with a globally renowned entity like Oxford ELLT validates our commitment and reiterates our promise to offer the best for partnering coaching centres. We’re excited for what lies ahead, and we remain, as always, devoted to learners’ success.” 

Together with TCYonline, we’re dedicated to shaping a brighter future for students worldwide. 

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