VFS Global partnership with Oxford ELLT Global

Recently Oxford International Digital Institute expanded our English language testing portfolio by introducing the Oxford ELLT Global. Today, we are excited to announce we have partnered with VFS Global to deliver the Oxford ELLT Global to students in their home countries.

Initially launched with three test centre locations in the UK, our partnership with VFS Global expands the opportunities for students to take their Oxford ELLT Global at approved locations worldwide. Oxford VFS Global is a world leader in visa outsourcing and technology services with a presence in more than 3395 locations spanning 144 countries. This partnership will enable students worldwide to access the Oxford ELLT Global at a convenient test centre near them.

As of November, we have launched the Oxford ELLT Global within three VFS Global locations. The first Oxford ELLT Global Test Centre will open in Mumbai (India) and Dhaka and Sylhet (Bangladesh) from 21st November 2022. With more locations planned and greater access for candidates, we are thrilled to join VFS Global in providing students a secure and reliable pathway to their education and supporting their international study journey.

What is Oxford ELLT Global?

Oxford ELLT Global is our fully online English Language Level Test redesigned to be administered in just one sitting. Oxford ELLT Global maintains our stringent security measures and protocols but offers an additional layer of confidence from in-person testing. Each approved Oxford ELLT Global Test Centre conducts initial security checks and invigilates the test environment, with the highly secure Oxford ELLT portal conducting the examination.

What is the difference between Oxford ELLT and Oxford ELLT Global?

While Oxford ELLT and Oxford ELLT Global are both conducted online via the Oxford ELLT Portal, similar in their structure, interactions with live examiners and advanced security system, Oxford ELLT is administered online from the comfort of students’ homes. Each test component can be taken individually, and once completed; students can book their speaking assessment for a time that suits them best (according to examiner availability).

However, Oxford ELLT Global test components are completed in just one sitting at the approved OIDI Test Centre. Students will complete their writing component first, followed by their automated reading and listening components. During the student’s reading and listening sections, a qualified Oxford ELLT examiner will mark the candidate’s writing component with the same examiner to complete the speaking examination with the student. Throughout the test, the Oxford ELLT portal implements a range of sophisticated AI proctoring and security measures to ensure the student’s results accurately reflect their abilities.

How do I book an Oxford ELLT Global test?

All parts of the Oxford ELLT are completed via the Oxford ELLT Portal. To register and book an Oxford ELLT Global exam, you need to visit our website, create your account using an email address and password, book your test and pay the examination fee.

After completing the registration form, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account. After your account is successfully activated, you must go to Oxford ELLT Portal and select the date and time you would like to sit your Oxford ELLT Global. Once you have confirmed the date and time of your Oxford ELLT Global, you will be required to make payment.  

Where can I take the Oxford ELLT Global Test?

Students can take their Oxford ELLT Global test within approved Oxford ELLT Global Test Centres. We currently have five approved test centres across the UK and Bangladesh.

You can take your Oxford ELLT Global at: English Language Level Test (ELLT) Global

More locations are coming soon!

Why should I choose the Oxford ELLT Global Test?

You can complete the Oxford ELLT Global in the Test centre location with a stable internet connection and receive accurate and accredited language-level scores in just one sitting. After completing the test, you receive a results certificate that can be used to apply to renowned world universities worldwide.

How long does Oxford ELLT take?

The Oxford ELLT Global is divided into four individual skill test components. Each component of the test must be completed within the allocated time limit: the maximum duration of the exam, including the break, is 3 hours. 

We recommend you complete each component within:

  • 45 minutes for the writing component
  • 40 minutes for the reading component
  • 30 minutes for the listening component
  • 20 minutes for the speaking component

What universities accept Oxford ELLT?

The Oxford ELLT and Oxford ELLT Global is accepted as proof of English at a wide range of universities worldwide. Discover where and which university you can apply to HERE

How much does Oxford ELLT cost?

The Oxford ELLT Global costs £120 and can be purchased via the OI Digital Institute website. Once you have purchased the Oxford ELLT you will gain access to the various components of the test.

When do I get my Oxford ELLT results?

Once you have completed all four components of the Oxford ELLT, you can expect to receive your Oxford ELLT results within 48 hours.

Where can I see my Oxford ELLT result?

Your Oxford ELLT result, report and Oxford ELLT certificate will be available within the Oxford ELLT portal. You can review your individual component results, your overall Oxford ELLT score and download your Oxford ELLT certificate by logging in to your account at the Oxford ELLT Portal.

The Oxford ELLT certificate will display your identification document, skill score, overall language level score, and a chart for your Oxford ELLT score, equivalent IELTS number score, and CEFR level.

What is the validity of my Oxford ELLT Global results?

Your Oxford ELLT test result is valid for 18 months from the date it was issued.

How to prepare for Oxford ELLT?

You can practice your skills using our wide range of free and paid practice material. The free practice materials are easily accessible on our website. With their help, you can learn about the structure and question types presented in the test.

Another way to practice your English skills for free is by consuming English language materials/media, reading English websites, books or magazines and watching English language videos.

The best way to prepare for your Oxford ELLT Global is with our Oxford ELLT Prep Plus course, an online training platform that provides sample tests, practice materials, insightful tips, and hints videos. You can also join our examiner led Oxford ELLT preparation course, which will give you training on the Oxford ELLT before you start your live test.

I want to take the Oxford ELLT Global, what do I do?

Signing up is fast and takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. Visit the Oxford ELLT Global webpage here 
  2. Click ‘Book Now’ to register and create your Oxford ELLT account
  3. Book your Oxford ELLT Global at an approved OIDI Test Centre
  4. Visit an approved OIDI Test Centre 
  5. Complete security checks at the centre
  6. Complete your Oxford ELLT Global through the Oxford ELLT Portal
  7. Get your Oxford ELLT Global results within 48 hours
  8. Use your certificate to apply for university

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