Ecctis’ CEFR Referencing of the Oxford ELLT  

We are pleased to announce that the Oxford ELLT (English Language Level Test) has been independently reviewed by Ecctis’, a globally respected provider of solutions and services in international education, training, and skills.   

The review covered grading, certification, marking, and moderation, and found that the Oxford ELLT provides “a sound assessment of English language competency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking at CEFR levels B1 to C1”. 

Why Did We Commission Ecctis to Benchmark the Oxford ELLT? 

Ecctis manages and delivers official recognition services on behalf of the UK Government, including the UK ENIC national recognition agency function. Their qualification evaluations are globally recognised and updated to reflect the ever-changing nature of education systems. Ecctis conducted the external assessment of the Oxford ELLT in early 2023 to assure its reliability to current and prospective partners and inform its continuous improvement process. 

Key Findings 

Ecctis’ review of test construct, individual assessment tasks, and mark schemes found that the Oxford ELLT provides a sound assessment of English language competency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking at CEFR levels B1 to C1. 

Assessment of Each Test Component 

The Oxford ELLT comprises four components: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 

Ecctis’ review of each component found the following: 

Reading: The reading test is approximately 40 minutes in duration and consists of two tasks. The test-takers are expected to demonstrate reading comprehension, reading for orientation, reading for information and argument, identifying cues and inferring, and vocabulary knowledge. The input texts cover a range of topics for the target test-taker and are deemed accessible to students between CEFR levels B1-C2. 

Listening: The listening test is approximately 25 minutes in duration and consists of three tasks. The test-takers are expected to listen for gist and detail, inference, and identify vocabulary. The input audio texts include dialogues and monologues of appropriate length and cover a range of speakers and topics for the target test-taker, accessible to students between CEFR levels B1-C2. 

Speaking: The speaking test is approximately 25 minutes and includes three graded tasks: a presentation, picture description, and a question-and-answer session based on the student’s writing test prompt. The test-takers would be able to use this test to demonstrate productive and linguistic competencies which align to CEFR levels B1-C2, including overall oral production, sustained monologue, and addressing audiences. 

Writing: The writing test comprises one prompt item requiring test-takers to respond in essay form to either a quotation or question, aimed at eliciting a discussion around advantages and disadvantages. Test-takers have 60 minutes to complete an essay of 250-350 words. The prompts were found to be based on authentic sources and covered a wide range of contemporary themes. A sample analysis of prompts found them to be accessible to test-takers between CEFR levels B1-C2 and also likely to allow test-takers, within these same levels, the ability to produce a sample demonstrative of their proficiency. 

What Does This Mean for the Oxford ELLT? 

OIDI is delighted that Ecctis has evaluated the Oxford ELLT and found it to be a sound test of English language ability. The external validation will inspire greater confidence in current partners and universities who are considering accepting it for admissions. This collaboration aims to demonstrate OIDI’s commitment to continuous improvement, and both organisations look forward to continuing this fruitful engagement into the future. 

For more information about Oxford ELLT visit our Oxford ELLT Hub

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