Oxford ELLT: Empowering Students with Digital Innovation 

At Oxford International Digital Institute, we’re committed to delivering quality education empowered by digital innovation. Our flagship English Language Level Test, the Oxford ELLT, has earned international recognition and become a ‘Highly Commended’ finalist for “Digital Innovation of the Year – Credential and Assessment” Award at the prestigious ‘PIEoneer Awards 2023’. 

What is Oxford ELLT? 

Oxford ELLT is designed to assess a candidate’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills, providing a secure solution for progression into higher education. Over 70 universities worldwide accept our tests, making it a globally recognised and trusted assessment tool. 

Two Powerful Offerings: 

  • Oxford ELLT Digital: This fully online version of our test combines the flexibility of online testing with cutting-edge AI security measures and human proctoring. It offers students the convenience of remote testing while ensuring the accuracy of English language-level assessment. 
  • Oxford ELLT Global: For students facing internet connectivity issues, this test, taken in an approved Oxford ELLT tTest centre, provides a secure testing environment for students. 

Key Benefits: 

  1. Fast Results: We take pride in delivering results within 48 hours, ensuring a swift process for students and institutions. 
  1. Flexibility: Our platform allows students to sit in each section at different times, accommodating various learning requirements. 
  1. Safety and Security: With AI proctoring, facial recognition, audio recording, plagiarism checks, and more, we prioritise the integrity of the assessment process. 
  1. Increased Accessibility: Our unique combination of test adaptations and a live examiner enables us to cater to a range of learning requirements. 
  1. Worldwide acceptance: Oxford ELLT is accepted by top universities as a language proficiency proof. 
  1. Certification: Receive an official test certificate by Oxford International Digital Institute to help students progress into our partner university. 

Experience Oxford ELLT 

Experience fast access to results, enhanced flexibility, safety, and accessibility.  

Visit our Oxford ELLT Hub to learn more about how our innovative assessment can benefit you and your educational journey. 

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