Washington State University Accepts Oxford ELLT English Test

We are proud to announce that Washington State University (WSU) has officially recognized the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as valid proof of English proficiency.   This decision marks an important milestone and opens up new opportunities for international students.   About Washington State University  Founded in 1890, WSU is one of the oldest land-grant […]

Oxford ELLT Now Recognised by Oxford Brookes University! 

We’re excited that Oxford Brookes University officially recognises the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT.   About Oxford Brookes University  Oxford Brookes University is a leading institution in the UK’s educational landscape. It is recognised for its exceptional teaching standards, innovative educational approaches, and dedicated focus on enabling students to achieve employment success.   The university’s […]

Edinburgh Napier University: A Beacon of Excellence Now Recognises Oxford ELLT 

We’re excited to announce that Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland’s #1 Modern University, has officially accepted the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as proof of English proficiency.   This marks a significant milestone, opening doors for students worldwide to experience the unique blend of academic excellence and cultural richness that Edinburgh Napier University is renowned […]

Arts University Bournemouth accepts Oxford ELLT: Paving the Way for Global Creative Talent

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), an esteemed institution known for its exceptional contribution to the arts and innovation, is now accepting the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, for university admission. This exciting development not only provides international students with a unique opportunity but also underscores the renowned AUB’s commitment to excellence.  About Arts University […]

The University of York Accepts Oxford ELLT for Admissions

Exciting news for students aspiring to become a part of one of the most renowned international institutions in the UK! The University of York, a member of the prestigious Russell Group, is now accepting the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as a valid accreditation of English language proficiency for admissions. This new development […]

Unlocking Success: Oxford ELLT’s Exciting Partnership with TCYonline 

We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership that promises to open doors to success for our students and valued agents. We’ve joined forces with TCYonline, a world-renowned training provider, to bring you a suite of unparalleled preparation materials for the Oxford English Language Learning Test, Oxford ELLT.   About TCYonline  TCYonline stands as a beacon of […]

Saint Martin’s University and Campbellsville University Now Accepting Oxford ELLT 

Are you an international student dreaming of pursuing higher education in  the United States? We have some exciting news for you!   Saint Martin’s University and Campbellsville University, both prestigious institutions in the US, have officially recognised the Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as proof of English language proficiency. This opens up remarkable […]

Oxford ELLT: Empowering Students with Digital Innovation 

At Oxford International Digital Institute, we’re committed to delivering quality education empowered by digital innovation. Our flagship English Language Level Test, the Oxford ELLT, has earned international recognition and become a ‘Highly Commended’ finalist for “Digital Innovation of the Year – Credential and Assessment” Award at the prestigious ‘PIEoneer Awards 2023’.  What is Oxford ELLT?  […]

Trine University Accepts Oxford ELLT as Proof of English Language Proficiency   

We are delighted to share that Trine University, USA, has officially recognised Oxford English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as valid proof of English language proficiency.  A Multifaceted Academic Hub  Trine University stands out as an academic powerhouse offering a diverse array of programmes, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional degrees. Whether you’re aiming for a […]

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