Berkeley College – New York Now Accepts Oxford ELLT as Proof of English Language Proficiency  

We are delighted to announce that Berkeley College – New York is now accepting our English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, as proof of English language proficiency. This presents an incredible opportunity for international students worldwide to showcase their language skills and embark on a transformative educational journey in the United States. 

About Berkeley College – New York 

Berkeley College – New York has provided quality higher education since 1931, focusing on academic excellence, personal growth, and career development for its students. As a privately owned college, Berkeley College is committed to creating a supportive learning environment that has earned recognition for its dedication to helping students succeed.  

Berkeley College – New York has consistently ranked among the top 50 prestigious institutions in the North, demonstrating its dedication to delivering quality education and maintaining a strong presence in the academic community. The college boasts a dedicated faculty, vibrant campus life, and a wide range of programmes that nurture and empower students, providing an environment that promotes personal and professional growth. 

Why study at Berkeley College – New York 

Berkeley College – New York is an excellent choice for students who value academic excellence, as their faculty is made up of accomplished scholars and industry professionals who provide real-world insights in the classroom.  

With a wide range of programmes and majors, Berkeley College offers a comprehensive and relevant curriculum that prepares students for success in their chosen fields.  

Its location in the heart of New York City provides students with access to internships, networking events, and job opportunities in various industries, which enhances their career prospects.  

Additionally, its vibrant campus life offers a diverse range of student clubs, organisations, and activities that foster personal growth, lifelong friendships, and a well-rounded college experience. 

With a diverse student body from around the world, Berkeley College – New York celebrates cultural diversity and promotes a global perspective. 

Berkeley College – New York’s acceptance of the English Language Level Test, Oxford ELLT, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing educational opportunities for students worldwide. We are pleased to collaborate with this esteemed university and are excited to assist more students in accomplishing their academic goals. 

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