What is ELLT Global ?

Introducing ELLT Global, our highly successful English Language Level Test conducted within an invigilated test centre.

Discover ELLT Global and learn about the rigorous features it has to offer to help students worldwide to continue their educational journey without barriers!

What is ELLT Global?

The ELLT is a modularised English language skill test covering the four key skills in English proficiency. ELLT Global is designed to be taken online in invigilated environment at an approved Oxford International Digital Institute Test Centre, offering an increased level of security. Each accredited OIDI Test Centre conducts the security checks and provides a test environment, with the ELLT portal and qualified ELLT examiners completing the examination.

Approved OIDI Test Centres, located in selected markets across the globe, will have access to their ELLT Partner portal to manage bookings, track progress and monitor all students test results.

After completing all four steps of the test, students receive an accurate and certified result and a certificate with proof of their English language level, allowing them to move forward and apply to university courses.

How to register for the ELLT Global?

All parts of the ELLT are completed via the ELLT Portal.  To register and book their examination ELLT Global students will need to visit our website, create their account using an email address and password, book their test and pay the examination fee. This is all contained within the ELLT portal.

After completing the registration form, students will receive an email asking them to activate their account. After their account is successfully activated, students must go to ELLT Portal and select the date and time that they would like to sit their ELLT Global. Once they have confirmed the date and time of their ELLT Global they will be required to make payment. 

On the day of the test

On the day of the test, students must ensure they arrive at the test centre at least 15-minutes before the start of the ELT Global Test.

On arrival students must ensure to bring the required documents to complete an identification check:

  • Original passport
  • ELLT Global booking confirmation email

Once students have completed the check-in process, they will be shown to their workstation where they will be able to login to their OIDI Testing Portal account. 

Once students have logged in, they will be able to start the Pre-test Set Up and begin their examination at their allocated time. 

Starting the ELLT Global

Before starting the test, students will need to complete the pre-test set up. During the pre-test set up, students will be required to share their screen, turn on the microphone and ensure video recording has been enabled.

As part of the pre-test set up students will be required to:

  • Take a clear photo of themselves
  • Take a photo of their passport
  • Take a photo of themselves holding their passport
  • Share their screen
  • Check their volume level

The pre-test walkthrough will take a maximum of 15-minutes to complete.

Test Structure


The first skill, writing, is assessed through a unique task submitted directly to the examiner.

The writing test consists of one 45-minute opinion-based essay question within which students must complete one essay questions and write between 190-260 words.

The writing test is marked by the same examiner that will conduct students’ speaking test (section four)

Reading and Listening

The second two skills (reading and listening) are automated tests with high levels of AI proctoring and security. 

The reading test takes 40 minutes. Students will be required to answer 32 questions based on two different reading texts (16 questions per each).

The listening test takes 30 minutes and consists of three audio tracks a monologue, a dialogue, and a listening analysis. In total there are 28 questions.  Students will only have 25-minute to complete the listening test.


Before the final speaking part, there is a 10-minute (minimum) mandatory break. During this time students may ask the Test Centre Coordinator to use the toilet and get a drink of water. Students must not leave the test centre, use their mobile phone, or talk to any of the other candidates.


The speaking component takes place with a live examiner through a video call conducted via Zoom. The speaking test consists of 4 separate stages and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Before meeting with their ELLT Examiner students will have 15-minutes preparation time.

The maximum duration of an exam is 3 hours.

Benefits of ELLT Global

For test takers:

  • ELLT Global provides accurate and accredited language-level score in just one sitting
  • ELLT Global provides a results certificate that can be used to apply to a renowned world universities worldwide
  • ELLT Global is taken in the Test centre location with stable internet connection and all the required equipment to complete the test

For agents

  • Reliable and accurate test results
  • Gain an accurate understanding of your student’s language abilities to advise them on future study options and locations 
  • Cost and time-effective test
  • Increased accuracy of students’ results
  • In-country tool for student recruitment 

For partners:

  • Invigilated security
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent results
  • 4 skills tested in 1 sitting

Test Content 

Utilising the academic testing content of the ELLT, the ELLT Global draws from a wide range of questions and topics that are continually updated every 8-week cycles. This vast number of test content enables the platform to issue the candidate with their examination but ensures that no two tests are identical.

All test content is written and developed in-house by Oxford International Digital Institute’s academic development team, who has extensive experience in test creation, examination development and testing principles.

All materials are checked using a text analyser to ensure the appropriateness of the level. In addition, the content writers refer to EQUALS/ British Council Level inventories to ensure that the complexity of grammatical structures and vocabulary range match the material’s level.

Security and Accuracy

ELLT Global Test Centres adhere to a strict set of guidelines, are invigilated by OIEG in-country teams and are inspected randomly to ensure best practice is being demonstrated. 

The ELLT Global test is conducted through an ELLT Portal – a platform designed to make the test as accessible for students and test centres as possible. 

The portal uses advanced test security to ensure students’ results truly reflect their abilities:

Before the test

  • ID verification
  • Unique ELLT Identification Number
  • Pre-Test Verification

During the test

  • AI Proctoring & Anti-Fraud System
  • Screen, Keyboard & Camera monitoring
  • Human Proctoring (ELLT Examiner)
  • Test Variation

Security measures at the test centre

Test centres are provided with an ELLT Test Centre Portal account, enabling them to give availability, manage students and complete student check-in/ID checks before the exam.

Test rooms must meet the guidelines below:

Test rooms must meet the guidelines below:

  • Directions to the test room should be clearly displayed within the test centre
  • The ‘Notice to Test Takers’ and ‘Quiet Please – Test in Progress’ posters should be displayed outside the test room
  • The test room should be at a reasonable temperature, neither too hot nor too cold and without any draughts. The ideal room temperature for testing is 21–23 degrees Celsius
  • The test room should be well lit
  • The test room should be in a quiet location and free from distractions such as printers, photocopiers, traffic noise, telephones, etc
  • The test room should be close to appropriate toilets
  • The test room should be clean, comfortable, and furnished appropriately
  • There should be no materials (books, posters, etc.) in English displayed in the test room, other than those agreed in this handbook.
  • The test room should allow for test takers with special accessibility needs – e.g. extra space or specific equipment
  • All mobile devices must be switched off and handed to the invigilator before entering the test room.

What can students do after completing the ELLT Global?

Depending on each student’s academic goals, agents can offer targeted ways to help students with their study destination.

If a student is satisfied with their ELLT Global results, he may further apply to the desired study programme in universities across the UK, Europe and North America. OI Digital Institute, which administers the ELLT and ELLT Global, partners with many universities to allow students to use their ELLT certificate as proof of their language level.

Discover where you can use your ELLT certificate here

Alternatively, students may choose to enrol in our online pre-sessional English course to increase their academic English language skills to the level required by their chosen degree programme before applying to study in higher education institutions.

Discover our Pre-sessional English course

ELLT Preparation Centre

Our ELLT Preparation Centres play an essential role in helping prepare students for the ELLT assessment and equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to succeed during their exams.

By becoming an accredited preparation centre, you will be able to deliver the ELLT preparation course with official ELLT materials and training.

Your institution will also be listed on the Oxford International Digital Institute’s website as an official ELLT Centre and provider.

How to become an accredited ELLT Preparation Centre?

  • Complete application form
  • ELLT Team will carry out application and accreditation checks
  • Complete training and receive materials and branding.

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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